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Physical Therapy 


​Physical Therapists help people to maximize their quality of life.

They work with people of all ages and abilities, and in a variety of settings. They help people rehabilitate from injuries, manage chronic conditions, avoid surgery/prescription drugs, and create healthy habits.

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Occupational Therapy 


​Occupational Therapists treat patients across the lifespan through self-care, work, and play activities to promote and maintain health, prevent disability, increase independent function, and enhance development.


"Occupation" includes all the activities or tasks that a person performs each day.

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Ergonomic Consultation 


​Local industires have partnered with SECO to identify injury risk factors as well as low-cost, effective solutions.


Our Advanced Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist can provide one-time lift training seminars up to ongoing comprehensive on-site consultations.

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Pre-Employment Physical Capability Assessments 


SECO holds several national contracts with companies to provide pre-employment physical assessments specific to each company's needs. 

This is an excellent way of ensuring a proper match between a worker's capabilities and the job requirements in order to reduce the risk of injury.

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