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Our rehabilitation teams are comprised of Physical Therapists, Licensed PT Assistants, Occupational Therapists, and Certified OT Assistants. OT services are provided at our Norwich, Walton, and Margaretville locations.

All locations offer outpatient services with the additional inpatient/hospital and nursing home services occur in Norwich, Walton, and Margaretville.


UHS Therapies
Eaton Center
26 Conkey Avenue
Norwich, NY 13815

Phone: (607) 337-4227
Fax:(607) 337-4094


SECO Physical & Occupational Therapy
4 Cartwright Avenue
Sidney, NY 13838

Phone: (607) 563-2929
Fax: (607) 563-2930


Delaware Valley Hospital
SECO Physical & Occupational Therapy
121 Stockton Avenue
Walton, NY 13856

Phone: (607) 865-2155
Fax: (607) 865-2154


Margaretville Memorial Hospital
SECO Physical & Occupational Therapy
Route 28, Box 200
Margaretville, NY 12455

Phone: (845) 586-2631 Ext. 3174
Fax: (845) 586-1321


Core Performance Physical
27482 State Hwy 23, Suite 3
Stamford, NY 12167

Phone: (607) 652- 2140
Fax: (607) 652-2141


Core Performance

Physical Therapy
33 Central Plaza
Ilion, NY 13357

Phone: (315) 895-4016
Fax: (315) 894-7326


Norwich is our largest location and also houses our administrative offices.

Our PTs and OTs are contracted through the hospital and nursing home with an outpatient clinic on campus

Sidney is one of our 3 private outpatient offices and offers a unique addition of having a pediatric therapist on staff! 

SECO's Walton location houses an outpatient clinic as well as contracted services to the hospital on campus.

Our therapists there are also specialized in Cardiac rehabilitation as well as holding LSVT certification to help patients with Parkinson's Disease

The therapists at Margaretville offer outpatient services as well as seeing hospital inpatients and nursing home residents. 


This location also offers vestibular rehabilitation, craniosacral therapy, and LSVT certified treatments for patients with Parkinson's Disease. 

Stamford is now under the ownership of Core Performance Physical Therapy. It is a private outpatient office servicing patients with various diagnoses and specialize in orthopedic rehab and returning athletes to their sport.

Ilion is another private outpatient clinic under Core Performance Physical Therapy, with several therapists there being certified Fall Prevention Specialists!

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