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Ergonomic Consultation

The goal of most employers is a safe, healthy, and productive workforce. Over 1/3 of occupational injuries/illness occur from overexertion and repetition which costs businesses billions of dollars annually in Workers' Compensation.

SECO employs and Advanced Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist who has been assisting employers with keeping employees safe and healthy for over 20 years.

This service can be tailored to each company's needs and budget ranging

between a one-time seminar and ongoing on-site consultation. 

Other services include

  • Injury Prevention Training/Seminars

  • Development and Training in Company Specific Stretching Programs

  • Job Analysis of Essential Physical Demands

  • On-site Ergonomic Consultation

  • Lift Team training Programs

  • Pre-placement Employee Physical Assessment (See Next Page)

Contact Terri Seager to schedule your consultation!

(607) 334-5010

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